Binary Options – Trade Successfully in 2018

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Binary options are your new way to earn money online. has made it a mission to give you all the important terms, instructions and tools to make you a successful trader.

In doing so, we introduce you to well-known and popular brokers, show you our proven strategies and provide you with the best demo accounts, free signal providers and social trading opportunities, so you can successfully increase profits and reduce your risk.

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If you already know the basics, look at our five selected brokers that will help you succeed in trading with digital options. Brokers to brokers are different, so choose the suitable provider from the list and try one or even many of them. We have summarized all information with several years of experience, so you can also make a sensible decision as a beginner and start trading now.

5 Best Binary Options Brokers in 2018:

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IQ Option 97/100 $10 » Free Demo account
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Anyoption 92/100 $100 » Copyop – own social
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24 Option 91/100 $250 » Fantastic educational
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Stockpair 90/100 $200 » Unique option types
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OptionFair 88/100 $250 » Listed on the London
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What are Binary Options?

Binary options are derivative financial transactions in which you as investors are speculating on falling or rising values. This is similar to the trading of shares. In this term, however, you predict the price change: whether it will rise or fall at a certain point in time.

What happens after the expiration of the option?

  • If your result is correctly predicted, you will be paid the amount previously determined.
  • If your result has not been entered, you will be empty in most cases.

Therefore the name of this digital option comes: either you get a profit or your option expires. You put everything on a card. However, we will show you useful strategies and tools to help you reduce the risk of loss and improve profit opportunities.

Let us take a concrete example:

For the sake of illustration, let us examine this example of the USD / JPY price:

What are binary options?

The markings help you to find your bearings. You can now see that the USD / JPY option is as follows:

1. The course is currently on 99.349
2. Option expires at 16:00
3. Payout of the successful option is 72%.
4. You see the course of the course of the last hours

So, if you now want to speculate on this option, you simply need to select the amount of money you want to bet and the direction of the price change.

Put “call” if you think the course will go up and “put” if you suspect a lowering of the course. If your predicted result – case or increase of the course – has been received after 4 pm, you will receive a profit of 72%.

Your predictionPut on:Potential profit
Price will increase"call"72%
Price will fall"put"

To make it even easier:

You have set $100 and made $72 out of it. Simple, fast and uncomplicated. You can also use commodities, currencies as well as commodities. Popular combinations in currencies are EUR / USD but also EUR / GBP can be generally well estimated that the currency falls or rises. As I said, you can put in both directions.

Your advantages in binary trading

The large profit margins speak for themselves.

put or call option

If you are right in the example with your estimate of the price direction, you will get the previously defined yield at the end of the option. Most providers pay between 70-85% profit. In addition, some of our selected brokers provide you with a loss guarantee.

This offers you more security against a total loss of value in case of an error assessment, but then also reduce the profit margin that can be paid to you.

Another great advantage of these options is the simplicity.

Compared to the Forex market, binary options offer you a very easy entry. You do not have to read and know about pips, lots and margins, or keep track of the currency with several decimal places.

online trading

Binary options are much easier to handle. Even as a layman, you will understand them and do not need any knowledge about the terms of a financial consultant. You look for a stock, a commodity or a currency pair as the underlying and decide whether the price will rise or fall.


Furthermore, options traders are convinced by the reducible risk.

If you use a good strategy, using run-time and importance, you will gain 70-80% of the time. You do not need to study and do not have to be a genius. If you then choose a loss protection, you minimize your risk. You always have full control over your equipment as the digital options are so simple. You decide how much risk you want to invest in your investment of an underlying.

Binary Options vs. Forex Trading

 Binary OptionsForex
Time intervalusually 1-5 minutesusually several days, weeks
Profit you can achieve70-90% pro trade10-20% for the whole interval
Difficultyvery intuitiverequires more learning to get started
Suggested starting capital$200-500over $1.000

Binary Options vs Forex

Easy Start – what you need to look out for

Even though trading with options is seemingly simple, we will give you a few tips that you should consider. If you do not think about it, and indiscriminately point to values, it will be like playing with fire and you won’t earn money.

1. Choose your ideal broker!

At first glance, most brokerage firms offer a similar service, however, there are tremendous differences to which you should throw an eye!

  1. “What is the minimum deposit and the minimum trade unit?”
  2. “Is there a free demo account?”
  3. “What bonuses can we keep and is the broker actually regulated?”

These are important things to consider when choosing a broker. compares for you the best brokers for binary options and shows you which broker suit you the best.

Do you want to try it out risk-free? Go straight to our demo account page and look for the best risk-free offers to tryout and test!

2. Use a binary options trading strategy!

Although options trading is extremely easy, you should get to know a few simple strategies that will benefit you from the start. Our other important tip is to try out a few strategies at the beginning, without investing any money. Our Demo account page is a perfect match for this.

On our “Strategies” page, you’ll find out more about each approach and how to best implement them. We provide you with training for beginners as well as advanced, and in the course of time you will determine which tactics work better for you and with which you have a better feeling.

3. Use our tools!

In addition to our tried-and-tested strategies, we also show you additional tools that make your trading with binary options even easier. Under the “Signals” page, you will find more interesting information on this topic or visit our “Social Trading” page to learn more about how you can easily copy and copy free professional dealers. You can also get started with no background knowledge, but we recommend you to read our knowledge collection. You will benefit from it several times. So what is the next step? Try out trading and see how it works for yourself! We suggest you to open a demo account at IQ Option so you don’t have to invest any money on your own yet you can get a feel for it.

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